Cell Phone Policy


Selectacare Limited recognizes that cell phones are important to managing scheduling and exchanging client information. They can also be distracting/dangerous to client care when used inappropriately. Cell phones should be kept on vibrate or silent mode while working with clients. They should not be used to listen to music, play games nor for personal calls, texts or emails except of an urgent nature.



  • To ensure appropriate use of cell phones and when working with clients. As part of this, ensure that phones are switched to silent or vibrate.
  • Ear pieces and other attachments which detract from professionalism are not to be used while at the work location.
  • When communicating with the office always inform your client that it was the office so they know it is work related.
  • To restrict personal communication via text, email or phone when with a client unless it is urgent or of a work related nature.
  • When with a client, focus on the client and the care without being distracted by use of the cell phone.


Client Services Staff

  • To try and avoid communication during times when caregivers are with a client.
  • To report concerns about inappropriate cell phone use to both the caregiver and President and complete required documentation.
  • To do initial follow-up with staff when there are concerns about cell phone use while with client.


  • To meet with staff who are unable to manage cell phone use in the workplace.
  • Abuse of this policy through excessive/inappropriate use of these devices while at the work location may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.


Approved: Greg Lindsay President Jun 4, 2013
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Policy Maintenance: President


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