Our Role and Responsibility – Supporting and Protecting Through COVID-19

I felt it important to get a communication out at this time to update you on our actions with regard to COVID-19.  We believe our primary role is to protect both the health and well being of our clients and our caregivers while working in coordination with our partners.  We have been careful to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and manage the situation.

We have taken precautionary steps such as ongoing screening of all of our caregivers for symptom’s and travel.  If we are faced with any situations then we will be following very strict infection control protocols.  Our goal throughout this event is to provide the support our clients require while ensuring that we monitor and support caregiver’s so that we never put them in a position of deciding between their health and their work.

We have been very successful in maintaining a status quo with these early actions.  However, as the situation evolves there may be changes to schedules or caregivers with the sole goal of protecting everyone.

As we go through this process, we will do our best to keep everyone updated and if any changes are required, we will contact you.  We want to play a strong role in doing our best to support one another through this period and we will update you whether it be specifically about your care or on the strategies we as a company are taking as a whole.

We are privileged to serve you and your loved ones and as this dynamic situation changes, we will do our best to endeavor to provide the highest standards of care.


Greg Lindsay


Selectacare Ltd