Why Are We Unique?

Experience and Great Service

With over 35 years home care experience, our philosophy is simple. We believe that the best way to ensure high quality care is to be accountable directly to our clients.  Client satisfaction is the only reason that Selectacare has been providing personalized home care since 1979. We take pride in knowing each of our clients personally.  This personal relationship is the foundation for the unique care that Selectacare provides. We know that everyone is different and has unique needs. Our home care services always reflect that.

Our happy client
our caregivers - home care experience

Whether you require an hour of care or 24/7 care we have the flexibility to accommodate you. Selectacare is one of the only agencies able to provide care for as little as an hour. We do this because we want to provide our clients with as much flexibility as possible so that care is based on their needs and not about minimums or time restrictions. For many of our clients an hour or two is all they need to stay independent and at home.  They feel secure knowing that if their needs ever change then the support they require is simply a phone call away.

Our clients count on our services and we know that every visit is important.  We have paid back up on weekends to ensure that a visit is never missed. We guarantee our client’s bookings and provide them 24/7 back-up through our urgent response phone line for unexpected needs.

Our ability to provide care that is both flexible and reliable reassures our clients by knowing that no matter how their needs change Selectacare will be able to support them in the lifestyle of their choice. When you combine this with our caregivers experience, training and skills you have a support system that will change as you change.