Booking Time Off Policy

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Selectacare seeks to ensure that a structured process is in place to manage the availability of caregivers with ongoing client care needs. The goal being to support the time off requests for staff while ensuring clients have continuity and consistency of care.




  1. To submit all requests using the on line tool in order to ensure that requests are received (if caregivers do not have access to the on line tool then all requests must verbally be submitted to the Client Services Manager).
  1. To provide notice of changes to availability a minimum of two weeks in advance.
  1. Requests less than two weeks must be submitted via on line tool as well as with a verbal notification to Client Services Manager to ensure it is prioritized for review given the impact it has on active schedules.
  1. Urgent requests (less than 48 hours notice) must be verbally submitted to Client Services Manager or other office staff.
  1. All requests will be responded to within two business days.


Client Services Manager

  1. To receive requests and adjust schedules where possible factoring in client requirements and skill requirements.
  1. To confirm with caregiver that availability changes have been received and for a decision to be provided within 2 business days.



  1. To meet with staff who do not abide by the requirements stated within this policy.
  1. To review policy on an annual basis.


Approved: Greg Lindsay President July 17, 2013
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