In A Care Facility

A Little Extra Support Can Make All The Difference

We provide a range of assistance in care facilities. Often not all of your needs are met by the care facility alone. We are here to provide that little bit of extra help that can make the day so much nicer.  Whether it’s some extra support getting ready in the morning or when you are going out for a walk, we are here to assist you to do the things you choose. We focus on your quality of life and providing the support you need. We commonly provide the following services to our clients in a care facility:

  • Personal Care
    Our staff are certified Personal Support Worker’s or equivalent.  They are trained to assist with bathing, dressing, skin care, toileting and general grooming. We know something as simple as feeling clean and fresh can make such a difference to the day.
  • Companionship/Activation
    Often you can’t be there to visit a loved one as often as you’d like to ensure they get out to activities. Our caregivers can be there when you can’t so that you know your loved one is busy and active. We take pride knowing that our clients look forward to their caregiver’s next visit.
  • Meal Assistance
    Our caregivers are qualified to assist with feeding. Mealtime can often be a challenge and our caregivers have the patience and understanding necessary to take as much time as a client needs to enjoy a meal.  
  • Shopping
    Our caregivers can accompany your family member shopping or pick up a few items as part of their visit. It’s those little extras that are important to you.
  • Overnight Care/Relief 
    Our caregivers stay with your loved one overnight and they remain awake and attentive to their needs. Whether it’s for safety, personal care and/or comfort, having someone there can let you rest easier.
  • Laundry/Cleaning
    We know it’s the little things that are important to you, we work with you so that whether it’s laundry or cleaning we make sure it’s done the way you prefer. 

If you don’t see the kind of assistance you are thinking about… give us a call, we may be able to help!