A little extra care can make you feel so much better.

Whether you or a family member is in hospital for a short time or on a long term basis, we can provide the assistance needed to help make that time as comfortable as possible. We understand that being in a hospital can be stressful and sometimes lonely. We are here to make sure you or your loved one gets the attention and extras that can make a hospital stay easier. Here are some of the services we provide in hospital:

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Hospital Services

Everyday is different and so should the services be that support you. The are the many things our team can assist with.

Our staff are certified Personal Support Worker’s or equivalent. They are trained to assist with bathing, dressing, skin care, toileting and general grooming. We know something as simple as feeling clean and fresh can make such a difference to the day.

If you are looking for someone to just come spend some time with yourself or a family member, our caregivers are more then willing. If you often visit a family member in a hospital but for some reason cannot go but do not want to leave them alone, we can send a caregiver in to keep them company while you are away.
Someone to meet you after surgery to accompany you home and help make the transition from hospital to home easier and safe.
Our caregivers are qualified to assist with feeding. Mealtime can often be a challenge and our caregivers have the patience and understanding necessary to take as much time as a client needs to enjoy a meal.

Our caregivers stay with your loved one overnight and they remain awake and attentive to their needs. Whether it’s for safety, personal care and/or comfort, having someone there can let you rest easier.

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