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Our Caregivers

We pride ourselves on our team. We know all our caregivers individually, and that they have the training, experience and most of all the passion for what we do.

Qualified and Matched

We know that every client and caregiver is unique. We employ a small core group of caregivers. We get to know them on a personal level as well as on a work basis. We talk to them on a continuous basis to ensure they are getting the proper support needed to do the best care possible for each and every client. We take any feedback or concerns and ensure we follow-up with client and caregiver to ensure everything is handled quickly and the appropriate person is informed. Our goal is that your caregiver has not only the right skill and experience for your needs but that they are also a great personality match.

Detailed Screenings

Our caregivers have vulnerable sector police checks, immunization records, and are insured, bonded and covered by WSIB. This ensures that we put both our clients and caregivers safety as a priority.


We spend time getting to know each new caregiver. We interview and orient each caregiver in a one on one setting. So that our office staff get to know each Selectacare caregivers background, strengths and experience before we ever send them to a client.

Proven Track Record

Working and keeping caregivers for a long period of time is the best way to ensure a great team. We provide benefits to our core staff and have a long history of over 40 years providing private care. The best testimonial to the quality of our caregivers is that happy client's are the main reason we have been business for over 40 years.

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